Dawn of the
Planet of the Ape The aspect of political satire examined

Spoiler_AlertThis is my first reaction to the movie based on the notion that I presume the makers have picked up on the underlying political satire of the originals.

I must say that having seen the movie just recently and am still trying to settle on a the political interpretation. The plot of the movie revolves around  human survivors of a global plague facing their primitive ape counterparts in a stand of for an energy source in form of a dam that is located inside ape territory. My first interpretation was to see the parallels to a “western world” securing „their“ oil in a foreign country of the arab world. If one takes this interpretation the humans represent the “civilised world” with dependency on oil to keep the culture running. The apes would be the not as advanced arabs with their tribes and basic lifestyle. In the movie it get’s stated the “advantage” of the apes is that they don’t need energy. Also one could see the scarred ape Kooba with his deep hatred towards humans representing the radicalized arabs being used and then condemned. One could interpret the conflict between Kooba and Caesar as the inner conflicts between the moderate and radical strains of Islamist in the arab world. Also there is a parallel of a creating war from an incident by using the irrational momentum that could be seen as a parallel to the Iraq war.

This is very simplified and maybe a bit far-fetched as the movie is on its surface the Sci-Fi movie one expects and the interpretations only emerge subcutaneous.

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