The Pleasure
Of Finding
Things Out Richard Feynman


BBC pulled this great interview … withholding this great piece of contemporary history is in my opinion a bad move from a public institution funded by tax payers.  I google’d it using the title… and found this working version: …I also found another backup of this interview on Feynmans Homepage @

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out was filmed in 1981 and will delight and inspire anyone who would like to share something of the joys of scientific discovery. Feynman is a master storyteller, and his tales — about childhood, Los Alamos, or how he won a Nobel Prize — are a vivid and entertaining insight into the mind of a great scientist at work and play.

In this candid interview Feynman touches on a wide array of topics from the beauty of nature to particle physics. He explains things that are hard to grasp in layman’s terms much like Carl Sagan did in the cosmos series. His explanation of the scientific method covers what we know, why we know it and most importantly, what we don’t know and the pleasure of figuring it out.

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