The World Tomorrow Slavoj Zizek & David Horowitz


Interesting viewpoints/presumptions from a now conservative David Horowitz are:

  1. Humans are beastly and war is their natural state1
  2. The U.S. must be the most dominate state to defend freedom2
  3. Leftism is a utopian idea and thereby dangerous to its opponents once in power3
  4. U.S. and Israel are under attack from the international left4

Interesting term used: Islamofashist

PS: Also one has to be carful with Slavoj Zizek.

Definition from Wikipedia –

Definition from Wikipedia –

  1. This assumption goes back to the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes
  2. This seems like a remnant of the cold war era and the second world wars… specially putting the U.S. in charge of this task.
  3. I dislike the reductionism of Left and Right. In an interconnected world topics should be looked at individually. I agree on the notion that utopianism tends to be totalitarian as it’s an imagination of a better future omitting diversity and lacking complexity. I don’t condemn utopianism as it play an important role in the collective imagination to choose a future to aim at and select the one to avoid.  The danger from utopies emerge from simplification by exaggeration as the world is and stays a complex matter thereby masking developments like the mass surveillance that seems to be more massive than described in the book.
  4. To simple of a worldview. BTW this makes me think of the imagery used in Worldwar Z, again!
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