Storytelling in VR A interesting new possibilty


Looks very promising and I can’t wait until independent filmmakers start doing ArtHouse on this. Also want to make me go into Unreal Engine, Unity and experiment (unfortunate I don’t own a Oculus). Apart of that I wonder if new cameras will capture 360° and use the footage to tell stories. Allthough this should produce some interesting problems to conceal „the backstage“. Another option would be to drive the story with cameras with a 180°-240° field of view. You could move your head around to see the surrounding but still be directed towards the center of narrative storytelling. So once you turn your head and would hit the border of the field of view you wouldn’t turn any further and slowly the center of narrative storytelling would push back towards the focal point. This are just some thoughts on reallife capture, VR and storytelling.

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