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Saw them last weekend with my wife at Columbia Halle Berlin. Slow start… lot’s of new stuff but then it climaxed in the first tune shown in this video. Also everyone had new haircuts or longer hair and a new lead women. Time goes on… but I like it that the band evolves rather then to stagnated on „oldies“. They played a lot from „Restrictions“ and „Axiom“ and screened the whole 40 minute movie before the concert. Although it was great it didn’t hit my expectation at first. After some adjustment I kind of tuned in to some of the newer and faster beats (with lot’s of breaks between tempo). I must admit I dig the spherical and epic tunes most. Enjoy! Feel it :-)

00:00:00 Lights – Just got to love that intro! Last played in the Berlin concert.

00:18:03 Pills – What an entrance and voice! Big fan!

00:24:51 Sane

00:30:01 Finding it so Hard – Rocking it for love!

00:41:51 Razed to the Ground – Robot Rap Attack!

00:46:40 Collapse/Collide – Got to love this song. Great range in her Voice!

00:55:26 Basterdised Ink

00:59:05 F**k U – Great Song!

01:04:49 Kings of Speed

01:09:21 Lines

01:15:20 Blood in Numbers – Nice and mellow start…

01:18:55 You Make me Feel – Yeah!

01:23:15 Danger Visit – One of my favorites!

01:30:18 Word on Signs – Close those eyes…

01:34:23 Londinium

01:41:26 Bullets

01:50:43 Again (Long Version)

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