Homemade pasta Jamie's Dream School

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNzA0wxym3w

Jamie and Ben rocked my world.

Capitalism tends to implied all kind of attached accessories to accomplish ones goals. In the case of paste it removes this basic dish into the realm of industrial production and implies that all kind of gear is needed to accomplish this at home. But this video will show you otherwise! Let Ben run you through the knife and bottle technic and also demonstrate the more advanced pasta maker (around 19,00 Euro and up will do).
Use 100g of flour per egg and some olive oil. Toss the pasta into boiling water (45-60 seconds for Spagetti) and your done. And for those of you saying that the flour needs to be a special and expensive brand, read the following comment …

It’s suggested that you use „00“ flour, which is a very fine grade flour. But I just use whatever flour I have in the cupboard and it comes out great! The difference between too dry and too wet is very small, so be careful when adding extra flour or oil to change the mix. Just a tiny bi at a time!

Quickly season your sauce (in this example garlic, can tomato, basil and salt/pepper) and you’ll eat the best paste you ever tasted.


Update: Some good tips on handling your knifes.

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