Language as a Window
into Human Nature Steven Pinker


This is a great talk about mutual knowledge and the function of language.

In this regard Steven Pinker uses the topic to deliver a funny and imaginative talk with lot’s of references to modern pop culture and day-to-day experience. I love how he explains the complexities surrounding language, the function of veiled and overt language and the use of strong language.

There is also a condensed and animated version from RSA Animate. As always cut and shortend for the people without many time flowers… but at least it gets the point across concerning mutual knowledge in a enjoyable fashion. Apart of omitting the rest of the talk I like RSA animate as the visual component can help to understand.
I was just reminded about this talk when reading about „Mehr Demokratie“ and used the occasion to repost the video. Given the importance about mutual knowledge in a democracy the current avoidance of Angela Merkel to officially recognize 1,6 million people signing a petition is krass. The petition is against the current conditions and leaked details from the TTIP agreement  the government is currently partaking in.

Some bookmarks:

00:32:20 Summary of first part of the talk: Strong language

00:32:56 Final part of the talk starts here: Mutual knowlege

Repost from my old blog (2011).

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