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Talk from Aral Balkan @ the „Internet As A Commons : Public Space  in the Digital Age“ – Panel 1: The Big Picture.

Highly inspiring talk. I am an advocate for decentralized social networks as the concept of these networks aren’t bad. It’s their implementation that sucks and made me quit Facebook. Aral does make the point clear and loud and has some great narratives to support his claim (tree, farms). I hope a project like heartbeat pulls through and get to see the light of day with an bigger impact then predecessors like „Diaspora“. I think a great bridge would be to port tools like heartbeat to work inside popular blogging as a plugin to gain quick adoption. Imagine every WordPress-Installation could become a potential domain-peer simply after activating a plugin from it’s repository. This could be a great soil to plant trees that communicate and educate about the new concept and ownership of data.

What, if anything, in the current model of Internet Governance is clashing with a decentralized, resilient internet viewed as a common good? And what steps should be made by policymakers to foster  the best environment for  decentralized, community managed projects to grow?

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PS: There is a longer Talk @ re:publica 2015

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