The Lorentz
Transformation The Mechanical Universe


This video is part of the „The Mechanical Universe“ telecourse (now a free playlist at the Caltech Youtube channel, Thank you for that!). If you feel like some more math Professor Shankar from Yale University delivers a funny and not to steep lecture including the history of relativity (including Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton).

The Mechanical Universe

The Mechanical Universe... And Beyond is a 52-part telecourse, filmed at the California Institute of Technology, that introduces university level physics, covering topics from Copernicus to quantum mechanics.
Definition from Wikipedia – The Mechanical Universe

Hendrik Lorentz

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz (; 18 July 1853 – 4 February 1928) was a Dutch physicist who shared the 1902 Nobel Prize in Physics with Pieter Zeeman for the discovery and theoretical explanation of the Zeeman effect.
Definition from Wikipedia – Hendrik Lorentz

Lorentz transformation

In physics, the Lorentz transformations (or transformation) are coordinate transformations between two coordinate frames that move at constant velocity relative to each other.
Definition from Wikipedia – Lorentz transformation

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