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Great to hear an acoustic tribute version of one of my favorit 90ties bands.

I was never a regular metal fan but I really enjoyed listening to (specially the 90ties viking stuff from) Bathory. This acoustic version was performed in 2016 by an tribute band BLOOD FIRE DEATH (named after the forth Bathory Album). The original Bathory lead singer Quorthon had an truly impactful voice but unfortunately died in 2004. He also didn’t take himself so serious and tried to keep a creative distance to the theme of the probably pretty brutal vikings… for me Bathory used to be much like a sort of vocal/emotional cosplay.

Bathory (band)

Bathory were a Swedish black metal band formed in Vällingby in March 1983. Named after Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory, they are considered pioneers of black metal and Viking metal. Lords of Chaos described Bathory's first four albums as "the blueprint for Scandinavian black metal." Acts influenced by their early records include Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Emperor, Dark Funeral, Enslaved, Marduk, Moonsorrow and Dimmu Borgir.Bathory abandoned the black metal sound for their fifth record, Hammerheart (1990), which is often cited as the first Viking metal album. Bathory continued in the Viking metal style for most of their remaining existence, although they experimented with a thrash metal style on the albums Requiem (1994) and Octagon (1995). They stopped performing live early on and never toured; frontman, founder and main songwriter Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg was the sole constant member and at times responsible for all instruments. Bathory ended when Forsberg died from heart failure at the age of 38 in 2004.
Definition from Wikipedia – Bathory (band)


Thomas Börje Forsberg (17 February 1966 – 3 June 2004), better known by the stage name Quorthon, was a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter. He was one of the founders, as well as the sole songwriter, of the band Bathory, which pioneered the black metal genre and is credited with creating the Viking metal style. A multi-instrumentalist, Quorthon wrote the music and lyrics on all of Bathory's albums and performed vocals and guitars.
Definition from Wikipedia – Quorthon

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