Lee Scratch Perry The End of an American Dream

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBrQiJ2guWA

I found Lee Perry through a Kickstarter campaign. I like his provoking lyrics on americanism and the video suggesting mainly cultural imperalism. But in my opinion this topic goes far beyond only these aspects as american culture and ideology is in denial of reallity. Just think about the strong lobbism and the weak democracy, the claim on human rights while applying torture in Guantanamo Bay,  the claim of free speech whilst having huge media conglomerates and most of all the harsh inequalities in wealth distribution. Specially the resulting lack of affordable education is stopping critical thinking leaving behind education as a commodity of the corporate market and the notion of empowered individuals as naive  fantasies from the enlightment. A critical mindsets and access to information is a necesary ingredient for informed decisions in a democratic soceity.

Another thing is this weird and extreme belief in the “free market”. This “ideology” (some call it neo liberalism) has brainwashed the citizens to the degree that  americans don’t grasp the concept of social market economy anymore. People without teeth, suffering or poor are in denial of concepts like public healthcare and minimum wage. Lee Perry is right: The american dream is “dead” as nobody actually can get rich working hard and honest (therefor in regular jobs). It is an illusion held up by the ones already in power and wealth and it works so good as the few momentarily “nouveau riche” or influenceal poeple, that won the lottery of chance, reinforce the illusion by (in)voluntarily exposing their extraordinary stories.

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