Requiem for the New World Order Great and revealing speech from Charlie Veitch


Charlie Veitch is on a mission to demonstrate how we as people deal with authority. On the one hand it’s about us being subject to law enforcement and private security and on the other hand it’s about these people misusing their authority, telling us what todo. Often doing so without actually having any legal authority other then our fear and respect for the uniform and a harsh and demanding tone.

One other theme found in Charlie Veitch work (six years+) is the critic on privat property and the use of it to forego public and personal rights. Makes one think about all these public-private ventures and how they actually hurt democracy.

I must admit I am a bit critical about Veitch and find it sad that he got stuck on the authority theme. Speeches like this one held at the right place and time should be the main focus and not the goal to have some enforcer engage. I liked some of the videos that actually expose the mentality in such conflicts but I feel the theme is now well documented and Veitch could really move on to focus on real issues again (with the occasional conflict with law as a side gig).

Some people may find him narcissistic but then again this is YOUtube we are talking about and here… the messenger is the attraction.


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