OtherLife Ben C. Lucas

Great storytelling combined with good acting. Why isn’t this hitting the cinemas?

This movie has a great plot with twists and turns. Plays with your perception and is crafted in a beautiful manner. I can recommend watching it if your into Sci-Fi.

This movie made me think about two things in particular.

  1. Why the hell does this movie not make it into my cinema at the corner. The storyline is much better then the crap currently running there. This fact, to me at least, illustrates the dominance of Hollywood and the Muliplex-Industry. I wouldn’t wonder if the rights to the movie will be sold and the movie gets remade with some Hollywood-Star in the lead (like with „Abre los Ojos“  that got remade as Vanilla Sky). It’s sad as this movie deserves a greater audience and attention in it’s current well crafted and well performed form.
  2. Second the topic of the movie, without spoiling to much, is relative time. I love that the matter of condensed time is taken seriously as it has high relevance in the immediate future. Maybe not in the depicted form but with the rise of A.I. it will become an issue as time-slices will become relative to computing power and therefor A.I. might live out entire centuries in the blink of an eye.

Finally you can watch it on Netflix!