Google Arts & Culture New ways to explore art


Mario Klingmann and Cyril Diagne used neural networks to create some useful and inspiring visualisations for the art space.

The project is hosted by google and called arts experiments. Make sure to also check out Mario’s work as a code artist. I am a bit biased as I am following his insightful development since the days at proto51 and codeazure. I don’t know Cyril Diagne but he went to the famous Gobelins (in Paris). I visited the place many years before his time and had a chance to demonstrated my game project at the time. I was deeply impressed with all the talent and opportunities there as I am only self taught and humbly networked. Anybody who get’s a shot at attending should go for it.

Furthermore checkout and play with the a.i. experiments by google and the Maschine Learning for Artist Project to gain a deeper and visual understanding of the underlying technology (convolutional networks, recurrent neural networks etc.).

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